Friday, June 21, 2013

Studio 3 Photography In Second Life

Hello, Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my blog. I am the owner of Studio 3 which I still have but now I have joined forces with SL Enquirer in Second Life and I am now the SLE Graphics and photography department, So if you need anything done, stop by or IM Justice Brentley, if I'm offline then throw me a NC with what you need done and I will get right back with you. My passion is photography, and I can make your avatar shine. I am here for you. Please by all means check out some of my work. Don't forget to stop by and catch up daily on your news at the SL Enquirer.

SLE Photo & Graphics Price List
Any 1 photo- $L200
Any 1 Photo on the SL Enquirer Studio page- $L500*
Any Graphic or Logo for promotional needs-$L1000
Get your ad banner posted on SLE - 1200L**
Wedding/Special Occasion Photo Album (15 images)-$L2500
Model Portfolio (album included)- (10 Images)- $L2000***

*A photo on the SL Enquire photo page will include your name and what you do in SL.

** 1 month ad banner/link includes 1 press release post! (3 months- 2500L)

*** for an additional 200L, get your best shot featured on the SLE Photo Studio Page!

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